Casa Bentley, is set in the historic town of Todos Santos with bouganvillea-lined streets, historic brick guildings, near the Pacific Coast, at the end of the Baja California Sur Peninsula. It rests on the Tropic of Cancer, "climate of the eternal Spring."

This grand estate is tucked away on more than two acres of an original avocado-mango orchard within a walled compound.   It offers guests a secure, peaceful environment with private parking.


The hotel is hidden just below the town plaza and church on Calle del Pilar #99.  

It is within easy walking distance to the famous Hotel California and only steps away from great art galleries, charming patio restaurants and stores filled with authentic Mexican handicrafts.  It is only a 25 minutes walk or a short drive to the stunning Pacific beaches of Todos Santos, where you can stroll along the water and enjoy breath-taking sunsets.

Las Palmas Beach Sunset near Casa Bentley Hotel, Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico


Casa Bentley integrates three separate houses into one colorful rustic Portuguese style castle across eight levels of beautifully landscaped flagstone and garden patios. From the original old adobe house to the outdoor kitchen, Casa Bentley, Baja's Boutique Hotel, was

The original adobe house that was later transformed into Casa Bentley Hotel

constructed over a time period spanning from 1850 to 2005.  In 1985, Professor Bob Bentley began the creative construction of Casa Bentley as it now appears.  Under his supervision, this stone castle was built, stone by stone, by local skilled artisans.   Casa Bentley, Baja's Boutique Hotel, is constructed of metamorphic rock, reminiscent of a castle in Portugal Bob visited in 1980.

Bob Bentley incorporated a rock and gem collection he acquired during his world travels when he designed and built Casa Bentley. More a "castle" than a "casa," your eyes will always be discovering new objects of interest in your room and throughout the property.

The white Adobe house in the middle of the photograph above, taken around 1900, shows that this house was among the first houses on Calle Pilar. This old Adobe house is now the upper part of the Casa Bentley.