Bob Bentley

Although my roots are from Eastern Oregon as far back as 1847, my long history in Todos Santos and Baja California Sur makes me an interesting host for the Casa Bentley.   I am a retired geology professor with a long history of teaching about rocks and gems from the Baja California to Washington State. My interests include coastal processes near Todos Santos and the geology of the Todos Santos Springs.  

I personally invite you to experience the magic and uniqueness of  the beautiful Casa Bentley Baja Boutique Hotel.

Beatrice Datwyler

Beatrice is our General Manager that ensures your Casa Bentley vacation is relaxed, and your accommodations are  up to the highest standards of the hotel. Her warm hospitality and fluency in many languages makes guests worldwide feel right at home

Alvaro Alvarez Paz

Our Operations Manager, Alvaro, oversees maintenance and engineering projects—as well as assisting with administrative duties. Alvaro understands and speaks a little English. 

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